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Advising for 2nd degree or a student changing their major

Welcome to the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Students changing their major or coming back for a second degree, are already familiar with the academic process.  We want to work with you and help you through our program of study.

The undergraduate advising process is designed to successfully guide you to completing the BSEE degree.  The process is designed to:

* satisfy the NMSU general education requirements
* ensure that your degree meets the ABET accreditation standards
* and prepare you for a successful career and/or admission to a graduate program for further studies.

To join the department students need to visit with the undergraduate advisor.  An appointment or a call ahead is a good idea.  Please bring with you the classes you have taken and the grades earned.  This information will be used to determine the credit you have in the EE department and to plan out what courses will be needed.  Once you have been advised, you'll need to visit with the Associate Dean's office (GO 106) to have your major and college updated (if that hasn't been done already).  

If you are from another college or university, you will need to have a copy of your transcripts sent to NMSU.  These credits will then be treated like transfer credits.  In general a second degree student will receive credit for all of the general education classes.  The transfer evaluation process can take a long time, so the earlier transcripts are sent to NMSU, the better the placement you will receive.  A preliminary placement can be made based on the student's transcript copies.  Students should allow ample time for review and evaluation of these records before meeting with the advisor.  Transfer evaluations do not become official until certified through the registrar.

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