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The advising process is very important to the faculty and staff of the Klipsch School.  Detailed advising is available for undergraduate students and graduate students.

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Undergraduate Students

The undergraduate advising process is designed to successfully guide you to:

* satisfy the NMSU general education requirements
* ensure that your degree meets the ABET accreditation standards
* and prepare you for a successful career and/or admission to a graduate program for further studies

Students attending college for the first time will find information needed under New Student Advising.  Students who have attended college before and have credits would fall into the category of a transfer student, if you are coming from some other university not affiliated with NMSU.  Students attending NMSU (or one of the branch campuses) will find information needed under continuing students (if they are already an EE) or a student who is changing their major from something else to Electrical Engineering will find information under Changing Major Advising.

In general, each student needs to take general education classes, math, science and engineering classes. A capstone (senior design class) is required of all seniors.

If a student thinks they may have a learning disability, they should contact the Students with Disabilities office.

Students can graduate with honors by following a program prescribed by the Honors College.

Financial Aid information can be found in a separate location under financial aid