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BSEE/MBA Program

As organizations struggle to meet the challenges of competing in the global environment, they must constantly work to improve their efficiency and productivity. Engineers generally excel in the development of new and improved products and improving the processes used to manufacture those products. MBAs are particularly skilled at directing organizational resources toward achieving the tactical and strategic goals of the organization. MBA program graduates who have solid undergraduate engineering backgrounds can be expected to have excellent quantitative skills, the expertise to understand and take part in the technical aspects of product development and production, an understanding of the tools and techniques used in business decision-making, a solid background in business practices, and welldeveloped problem-solving and people skills. MBAs possessing all of these capabilities are highly sought-after in today’s global marketplace. Therefore, students with outstanding quantitative and analytical skills who are excited about the prospect of applying those skills in the business environment would be well served by a program such as the one being proposed.

Program Overview

Undergraduate engineering students who have been identified by their department heads and/or academic advisors as having outstanding academic records and potential for future success would be recruited for admission into this BS/MBA Program. As a participant in the BS/MBA Program, the student will, while completing the requirements of the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, also complete the prerequisite coursework for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program and take up to four MBA courses (12 credit hours) during his/her senior year. Two of those courses (6 credit hours) will be included in the student’s undergraduate degree plan and then subsequently transferred into the student’s MBA degree plan, while the other two courses (6 credit hours) will be taken under the 2+3 BS Engr/MBA Joint Degree Program Proposal Page 2 Revised: August 26, 2004 “Senior Petitioner” mechanism that allows outstanding undergraduate students to take up to six credits of coursework for graduate credit during their last undergraduate semester. This will make it possible for the student to have as few as eight of the MBA degree program’s courses remaining to be completed after he/she completes his/her BS degree requirements.

Click here for commplete program description: BSEE/MBA Program (pdf)

Admission to the Program

Admission to the BS/MBA program is limited to those undergraduate engineering students who have maintained an outstanding NMSU GPA (the specific GPA cutoff will be established by the Dean of the College of Engineering in coordination with the Director of the MBA Program) and have been recommended for admission by their Department Head. Only applicants who meet these minimum requirements will be considered for admission by the MBA Admissions Selection Panel. If approved by the Panel, the student will be formally accepted into the Program. From that point, he/she will be jointly advised by his/her undergraduate academic advisor and the Director of the MBA Program.


    Academically outstanding, highly motivated undergraduate engineering students who would like to apply their quantitative skills and technical expertise to the business environment.


    The optimal time for a student to apply for the BS/MBA Program is at the end of his/her sophomore year. Entering the BS/MBA Program at this point will allow the student sufficient time to integrate both the MBA prerequisite courses and up to four MBA courses in his/her undergraduate degree program schedule. Although it is possible for a student to apply for admission to the BS/MBA Program during his/her junior or senior year, it becomes much more difficult for the student to integrate any outstanding MBA prerequisites or MBA courses into his/her schedule of classes. Note: The student must also submit an Application for Admission to the Graduate School prior to beginning his/her senior year.


    Because the first step in the process of gaining admission to the BS/MBA Program is being recommended by the student’s Department Head, the application must be submitted to the appropriate Departmental Office.


    The student’s application packet will include: 1) the completed application form; 2) three recommendation letters/forms; 3) copies of all undergraduate transcripts; 4) a current resume; 5) a proposed schedule of courses showing how the student proposes to complete his/her undergraduate requirements, MBA prerequisites, and MBA coursework; and 6) a short statement (no more than 500 words) describing his/her career goals and how this Program would help him/her achieve them.

Continuation in the Program

To remain enrolled in the BS/MBA Program, a student must maintain a minimum NMSU GPA of 3.25, and must have no lower than a 3.00 GPA in any individual academic term. In addition, the student must satisfactorily complete (i.e., a grade of A or B) each MBA prerequisite/required course(s) in which he/she is enrolled.

Because admission to the BS/MBA Program does not include automatic admission to the Graduate School, it is important to recognize that at the beginning of the student’s senior year, he/she must submit an Application for Admission to the Graduate School and the MBA degree program. At that time, to maintain satisfactory progress in the BS/MBA Program into the student’s senior year, the student must submit the Application for Admission and achieve a qualifying score on the GMAT examination.