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Welcome Continuing Students


All EE students should have met with the undergraduate advisor and gotten a copy of the BSEE requirements document.  Use this guide to help you select classes.  We do put holds on our EE students for registration, so when you need to register, you will need to make an appointment with your advisor.  If you have questions about what to take, use the resources you have or ask your advisor.

Students can take classes while they are on Co-Op, or at home for the summer. Many classes do transfer, just be sure they aren't EE electives, capstone, or upper-division Core classes.  Transfer credits for these classes are not accepted.  Do think about doing a Co-Op.  Visit with companies at the career fairs at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.



Now is the time to start thinking about future plans which may include Graduate School.  Students specializing in the energy/power area should seriously consider taking the FE exam.  See the Need to know site.


Start planning for your graduation.  Check out the graduating senior site, and start working on graduation the semester before you graduate.


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Aa-An Borah, Deva 646-3357 GA 160 E
Ao-Be Brahma, Sukmar 646-7117 TB 213
Bf-Ca Cho, Sang Yeon 646-3833 GA 160 C
Ce-Cu Cook, Jeanine 646-3153 TB 127
D-E Furth, Paul 646-8574 TB 313
F-Gd Dawood, Muhammed 646-5498 TB 311
Ge-Gu Deleon, Phillip 646-3771 GA 160 G
H-K Huang, Hong 646-3639 TB 225
L Kliewer, Joerg 646-7216 GA 164
Ma-Mc Liu, Wenxin 646-2570 TB 114
Md-O Ng, Kwong 646-6431 TB 322
P Paz, Robert 646-4933 TB 123
Q-R Prasad, Nadipuram 646-3623  TB 222
Sa-Sc Ramirez-Angulo, Jaime 646-4406 TB 328
Sd-Sz Ranade, Satish 646-3704 TB 112
T-V Stochaj, Steve 646-4228 TB 221
W-Z Voelz, David 646-1911 GA 160 B