NMSU: Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
New Mexico State University
Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree Programs

EE BS Minor Program

Students from outside the Klipsch School may earn a minor in Electrical Engineering.

MINOR: Electrical Engineering (total credits 25 or 26)

Prerequisites (16 credits) all may be transferred (1)

* MATH 191G, Calculus I (1)
* MATH 192G, Calculus II (1)
* MATH 392, Differential Equations (1)
* Physics 215G, General Physics I (1)
* Physics 216G, General Physics II (1)
* Chem 111G, General  Chemistry (1)

Lower Division (15 or 16 credits all may be transferred)
  • E E 161, Computer Aided Problem Solving
  • E E 162, Digital Circuit Design (1)
  • E E 210, Engineering Analysis I
  • E E 260, Embedded Systems (1)
  • E E 280, DC and AC Circuits (1)   or   E E 201, Networks I (1)
Upper Division (10 credits no transfer credit accepted)
  • E E 312, Signals and Systems I (1)
  • E E 380, Electronics I (1)
  • Elective, one E E course numbered 300-499 (1,2,3)

Notes: (1) A grade of C or better is required (2) Except E E 310, 330, 400, 481 and 490 (3) Certain electives may require additional prerequisites;

*Lists of approved electives are available from the Klipsch School office

Students usually follow the catalog which was in effect when they first attended NMSU. However, students may choose to switch to another catalog as long as that catalog in no more than six years old at the time of graduation.