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Senior Exit Interviews

Senior Exit Interviews are required of all our graduates before exam week. The results of these interviews help our undergraduate program remain accredited.

You will receive an email close to the end of the semester informing you which professors are available for you to choose from for the interview. After this, follow these directions:

  1. Go to the main office and talk to Sue
  2. Pick up a survey
  3. Make an appointment with one of the professors
  4. Fill out the survey prior to your appointment
  5. Go to your appointment and have a 20-minute discussion on the survey. Below are some discussion tips if you are having a hard time getting started:
    1. Discuss suggestions for improving the educational experience for future EE students
    2. Discuss what you what you might say to convince someone to enroll at NMSU under EE
    3. If you've had any work experience, discuss what was helpful that you learned in the department
    4. Write on the back of the form if you need more room
  6. Return completed survey to Sue

Remember, this is your chance to critique the department and your education experience at New Mexico State. Please make the most of this opportunity. All feedback is taken very seriously and will be used wherever possible to improve the department and the experiences of future students.