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Welcome Graduate Students

Graduate programs are highly individualized based on the student's career goals.  Because of this individualization, graduate advising is primarily handled by the student's major advisor and the student's graduate committee.   The common requirements are:

* maintain academic eligibility as defined by the Graduate School
* successfully complete a series of classes from the Klipsch School graduate core
* successfully complete the final examination for the program.

Other specific courses are selected based on the student's goals and research needs.  See the selections in the box on the right for specific advising issues.

The choice of specialization on the graduate admission application form helps determine an appropriate initial graduate advisor. This advisor is assigned as part of the graduate admissions process and it is intended to be a starting point in the student's program to give the student a point of contact with the Klipsch School.  A student may change their graduate advisor any time during the graduate program; however, most changes are best made in the first few semesters. Choosing a graduate advisor involves several factors, such as compatibility, specialization, and availability of research support.