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Graduating Seniors

Congratulations Seniors!


The semester before a student believes that they will graduate, that student should:

* File an application for degree and pay the graduation fee (you need to do this by the first day of classes of your last semester, so do it the semester before so you don't forget.
* Specify their choice of catalog year
* Pay all fees owed to the university


At the start of your last semester - keep up with your work - you've done great, but you still need to pass your classes.  You've completed your undergraduate program!  There are still a couple of things to do:

  • Make sure you are ready to graduate - check your degree audit again to be sure you've taken all of your classes
  • Take the senior exit interview.  Bring it with you when you visit the department head, or one of the advisors.  We'd like to have the chance to talk with you about your experience before you leave.
  • Join the Order of the Engineer and Sociedad de Ingenieros
  • Attend the HKN/IEEE banquet - Graduating Seniors have their tickets paid for by the department
  • Make sure you've turned in keys, and taken care of any financial obligations.

We've enjoyed having you with us, and are glad you chose NMSU!  Please stay in touch!  Best wishes to you for a wonderful future!

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