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Advising for first time college students/Freshmen

Welcome Undergraduate Students

We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you.  Electrical Engineering (EE) depends heavily on math, so your math placement is important.  We require all incoming students to take the Math Placement Test (unless you already have college math credit), to help us place you in the appropriate math class. For more information on the math placement,  see the box, and click on that link.

Students can get college credit through the AP exams, dual credit, or CLEP tests.  For dual credit classes, the credits need to be transferred to NMSU from the college earned (unless it is a campus that is part of the NMSU system - then it's concurrent enrollment).  AP exam results also need to be sent to NMSU for the student to get credit for the work.  CLEP classes are tests available (for a fee).  If the test is passed, the student will receive credit for that course.

A student's first semester depends on the math that the student is ready for.  Several first semester scenarios are given under the First Semester Classes.  Once you know what math you need to take, you can find the recommended course schedule for that math level.

The curriculum is provided under Undergraduate Curriculum.  Students are strongly encourage to attend a New Student Orientation where they can take the Math Placement test, meet their advisor (and go over the curriculum, get registered, and take care of housing, financial aid, or anything else needed.

For more information, chose a topic from the box on the right. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Paul Furth at 646-3117 or email him at .