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Dr. Joerg Kliewer, Assistant Professor

  PhD, University of Kiel (Germany), 1999
Professional CV

Office: Goddard Annex, Room 164
Phone: (575) 646-7216
Fax: (575) 646-1435
E-mail: jkliewer@nmsu.edu
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EE 571, EE 572, EE 581/497, EE 586/Math 509, EE 312


Error correcting codes, Network coding and network information theory, Joint source channel coding, Signal processing for communications applications

Significant Publications

  • M. Andersson, V. Rathi, R. Thobaben, J. Kliewer, M. Skoglund: Nested polar codes for wiretap and relay channels. IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 14, no. 8, pages 752-754, August 2010.
  • A. Huebner, J. Kliewer, D. J. Costello, Jr.: Double serially concatenated convolutional codes with jointly designed S-type permutors. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 55, no. 12, pages 5811-5821, December 2009.
  • J. Kliewer, S. X. Ng, L. Hanzo: Efficient computation of EXIT functions for non-binary iterative decoding. IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 54,  no. 12,  pages 2133-2136, December 2006.
  • J. Kliewer, R. Thobaben: Iterative joint source-channel decoding of variable-length codes using residual source redundancy. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 4, no. 3, pages 919-929, May 2005.
  • J. Kliewer, A. Mertins: Soft-input reconstruction of binary transmitted quantized overcomplete expansions. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 11, no. 11, pages 899-903, November 2004.